Review : ‘The Raid 2’ One of The Best Action Movies

The Raid 2
The Raid 2

Box office earlier that had the title”The Raid : Redemption”getting very good response and became one of the best-selling movie in some countries, making recall director Gareth Evans.

In this second film The Raid has a theme called “Berandal”. When compared with the other films, maybe The Raid has the same theme as “Assault on Precinct 13”, “The Godfather”, and any the best movies.

The Raid ¬†picks up hours after the first installment. Our hero Rama (Iko Uwais), his Wounds sustained from an army of thugs still fresh, is brought before a special squad keen on cleansing the city of the Reigning mafia as well as the police force that aids and abets them. It turns out that the crime lord Rama helped take down in “The Raid : Redemption”was but one Midlevel spider amongst a massive web of criminality. in exchange for his family ‘s protection from these dark forces, Rama is asked to go undercover into the belly of the beast. Exhausted and disillusioned by his ordeal, he initially refuses, but accepts the task when he considers the prospects of personal vengeance. his mission calls for him to land in prison for a few months in incarcerated order to Befriend the dark prince of the mob, Ucok. Almost immediately, Rama realizes that this quest will Become much more complicated than that.

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